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Interview with Mimi Grace, author of Make A Scene

Hello friends, and welcome to an author interview with the one and only Mimi Grace.

Today we’ll be chatting about romance, fake dating and baking for love, which can be found in Mimi’s book MAKE A SCENE.

Book info

Title: Make A Scene

Author: Mimi Grace

Publication date: September 16th 2020

Age group: Adult

Genres: Romance


Faking this relationship should be a piece of cake.

Retta Majors is having a bad day. But that’s to be expected when your ex gets engaged to your cousin. Instead of (totally) freaking out, Retta decides to attend the wedding with her amazing, faithful, and handsome boyfriend.

One problem.

He doesn’t exist.

Duncan Gilmore is living his dream. His boxing gym is open for business, and he’s focused on success. The last thing on his mind is a relationship. That is until the beautiful baker next door makes him an offer so bizarre, he can’t refuse. One weekend of pretending to be Retta’s boyfriend should be easy.

However, shared kisses and some flirting start to blur the lines in their fake relationship. When their performance draws to a close, will they go their separate ways or return for an encore?

Note: This novel is a standalone. 

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1. What inspired you to write Make A Scene?

The premise was definitely inspired by the relationship questions people send to podcasts, radio stations, and advice columns. The scenarios are always wild, and I think, “This can’t be real?!”

Also, I desperately wanted to write a romance that included the fake relationship trope. 

2.  What was your favorite scene to write?

The cake eating contest scene! It was something I had in my mind from the very beginning. I didn’t know how or why the characters would be in that situation, but I thought the concept of a baker in a cake eating contest would be fun.

3. They say the way to one’s heart is through the stomach. In Make A Scene, we know Duncan’s favorite baked good that Retta makes, but what’s her favorite thing that Duncan would cook or bake for her?

Duncan proved in the book that he isn’t the best baker, so I think he’d probably cook something like a shrimp scampi for Retta. It’s really easy to make but feels luxe. (This is my favorite shrimp scampi recipe, by the the way:

4. What song reminds you the most of your book?

“When You Smile” by Roberta Flack. It’s such a whimsy and sunny song. And if you ask me, all rom-com movies should end with it.

5. If your book was a baked good, what would it be? Why?

Make a Scene would be lemon meringue cake because they’re both bright, sweet, and not overly heavy.

6. Will we get to see some of our side characters’ love stories, like Duncan’s sister perhaps?

Yes! Gwen is getting a story with Anthony. Nia (Retta’s BFF who works in fashion) will also get her own book.

7 Tell us about your future projects!

I’m kicking off a series with Gwen and Anthony. Their book is called What a Match. I’m almost done drafting it, so I’ll have more information about it soon-ish.

Thank you so much for being on the blog, Mimi. I’m so excited about What a Match and Nia’s book already! I hope you had as much fun as I did.

About the author

Mimi Grace credits the romance genre for turning her into a bookworm as a teen. She now writes sexy romantic comedies in hopes of keeping others reading till late at night.

Besides books, she loves generous servings of mint chocolate chip ice cream, long-running reality competition shows, and when she spells “necessary” correctly.

Find out more about her books here.

Also, check out her blog where she talks all things Romance(landia).  

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